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Rehack Consultancy


A Malaysian boutique cybersecurity company focusing on research and high quality services. Our mission is to provide top-notch and honest services to the industry and community.


Our focus is mainly in researching and learning new technologies, vulnerabilities and techniques.


With a deep understanding of security assessments, we provide a quality and honest technical consulting and testing which you may compare with the other competitors.


One of our goals is for the community to grow professionally, so we contribute our time, effort, and money to developing and guiding students and beginners.

Services we offer:

  • Application Penetration Testing
  • Infrastructure Penetration Testing
  • Active Directory Compromise Assessment
  • Rapid Vulnerability Assessment
  • Software/Hardware Vulnerability Discovery and Exploitation
  • Devices/Host Configuration Review
  • SAP Security Review
  • Phishing Campaigns
  • Trainings
  • Others? Contact us for a quick discussion on it

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